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Frogskins LX OO2043-04 Authentic Check


Oakley Beginner
Hi guys,

Recently I bought a Oakley Frogskins LX OO2043-04 for about USD$100 from a reputation korean seller.
Are the frames supposed to be stamped China instead of Made in USA?




Acetate frames for the lx is correct. All lx pairs are made in China. Your good they are legit. The lx are so nice. I believe there are 23 or 24 different colors including the Asia fits. Congrats nice pair
@Msolly79 can help a bit with this too.
Out of the 21 Frogskin LX pairs I have, all say made in China exactly where yours is stamped Made in USA. Everything else on that pair looks legit from the serial on the nose piece to the hinge. If I had to guess, I'd say the seller added the Made In USA to that pair and removed the Made in China. The writing on the Made in USA just looks off.
Thanks for the replies everyone, really appreciated it. the korean seller said it was printed wrongly or something.

"Dear customer. This is 100% authentic oakley sunglasses. However our airport custom had mistake origin mark. We checked last week from custom. Only wrong printed origin marke."