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Could you give us an example of how much you pay for a pair of glasses. I never knew that the prices were higher, I though they were all similar when you take in account exchange rates.


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Yeh that is ridiculous!! Have you tried ebay,you could probably find Glasses on their for the US Retail price, then just pay a little extra for shipping!


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Thats cheap compared to the prices here in Chile, I think its outrageous, Look: I went to a store and quote a pair of fives squared ducati, do you know how much they are???? 448 US dollars!!!!A freaking joke!Most of the Oakley polarized are above 350 dollars!So I got them anyway, but from a friend in the US that got them there for me, and I paid only 180 shipping included. I think Oakley should do something about it, they are abusing and taking advantage of superior Oakley quality, thinking that they can lucre with that!The price I gave above is not at the Oakley store, there are just 2 Oakley stores and they re both in Santiago.( but dont worry the prices are the same)!!!
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The other pair of Oakleys unfortunately I got them here, because my friend just moved there and I got those glasses last year, a pair of Half Jacket XLJ that cost me 244 dollars :(


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i think the price are based upon import taxes

if the import taxes in your country is high this is what influence the items price

try buying it on ebay.com

open an ebay and paypal account, and you're ready for shopping :D

I am from Australia and in the last 6 months have bought 2 pairs of X Squared. I was originally planning on purchasing them here but they retail for the equivalent of $570 US dollars which is just a rip off. I ended up importing the first pair from the US which only cost $316 and got the second pair from someone else who imported a heap of Oakleys for $268. I can't see how stores can keep putting massive mark ups when it is so easy to source them directly from the US now. At the end of the day I got 2 pairs for pretty much the same price 1 retails for here which is well worth the little extra trouble.


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berzerk said:
No one in South Africa can answer me.
What I want to know is why do we in south africa pay almost double the price for oakley glasses compared to the states and u.k.
I find it to be unfair.
And to ad insult to injury we cant buy from the us online shop. :eek:
I'm South African, living in London. Uk prices are even worse.


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I usually wait til i go on holiday to the USA from the UK & get a couple there. Last time got some Five Square (Custom & Pit Boss) saved approx £100 in doing this. Look for discount outlets too. I picked up a pair of Monster Dog Ducati barnd new with box for £65 from eyewearoutlet in Portsmouth, they have some mental prices on there for the Oakley range of T shirts flip flop's as well as glasses & bags.

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