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  1. Zeke

    Zeke - The Retarded Battle Continues ... Premium Member

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    It was a rather weak visit, as I was really only looking to see if they had any new-style Gift Cards that I could use in my card holders, or in other ways in my "Cube", or in other ways I display some of my stuff, ... but they did not, so I just grabbed another all black "OAKLEY", & a multi-color "CUSTOM" one. (I thought about grabbing one of the "OAKLEY WOMEN'S" ones for my gf, but I didn't, ... She only has a pair of Rx Flak sunnies that she would KILL over if someone ever touched them - LOL -, but I didn't, ... maybe I will get one with some cash-eesh on it for her for her birFday soon. ;)

    So I ended up getting one each of the two cards, a refill of my spray, ... then bought an USA bag, a NYC bag, & a Nano-Clear Pen/Hydrophobic Pen thingy. Been wanting to try one for quite some time - so I pulled the trigger, ... I figured I would pull apart the glasses I would likely wear the most on my upcoming (vacation) drive down to Knoxville / Oak Ridge, Tennessee, clean 'em all up from frames to socks, etc., ... then polish them with Nano-Clear. ... It will give me something to do whilst burning MP3 CDs for the ride down ... & a make a couple USB thumb'ers as well. :car: :dance2: I gotta rock out in the car, ... how else am I going to stay awake for 12-14 hours straight?!

    Anyway, that was my lame trip, & quick $43.20 spent.

    Good day, folks. :hi:

    PS: Any good ideas for some tunes? I have got it pretty well set up, but I am always open to throwing something new into the mix.
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