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  1. trevi007

    trevi007 Oakley Beginner

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    Hi everybody! Today I bought another pair of frogs at the vault ,they were on clearance and the salesperson told me " if you like any of the others lenses of another pair we can switch them" the glasses are the clear frogskin w violet and we switched w another pair that looks more blue.Im trying to figure out what color is this, if you look from the front they look blue and from the side it's violet( in a angle) .I know for sure is not ,violet,+ red, blue iridium ... the only one I don't have to compare is the ice. I NEED HELP LOL..THANKS
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  2. FrogTastic

    FrogTastic Friend of the Frog

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    +red has a red/deep purple colouring almost. I would think you have Ice or Blue. What frame did it come from?