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That's an excellent way to break something or mangle a finish your trying to keep.
One slip and ...... well. Please dont do it that way.
This guy has 3 or more videos on youtube about X-Metal.
It should be labeled as HOW NOT TO DO IT.
Everything in the Video is absolutely wrong.
Funny/Tragic/Sad thing is that a lot of people comment the video positive and are inspired to do it exactly the same way.


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Long time fan of @Linegear Japan, since back in the Kimsan days.

Got a fair few of their products in my collection.

Giving these NXT Premium Red lenses a test drive to see what all the fuss is about, courtesy of my pal @SEAN WAYNE LG Europe, man in the know and all round top dude.

Wore them this morning in the low Winter 🥶 sun 🌞, whilst walking the pooches.

Got to say I am impressed by them, clarity is great and a beautiful colour to them.

No squinting needed, which is a pet hate of mine when wearing shades!! Lol

So far, loving them!

Thank you, Boss Daisuke of @Linegear Japan for continuing to supply us knuckleheads with superior aftermarket products.

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Lookin like a Sir as usual my friend.

After the new year I'm gonna take the plunge and buy their nosebridge pin pusher. I've got too many that need tightening.
Holler at me when you do and I'll point you to the $30 ones and help you not blow out the nose bridge holes.

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