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My last purchases for now, going on hiatus...


I should Work at Oakley
I have been on a small buying spree and the collection just grew over this short time span. Thanks to the bros and sis that were willing to ship them from all over the world to me.

The journey was short, but certainly enjoyable but I would think that my buying frenzy is over, so any future purchase will be carefully planned and only when absolutely necessary.

My last 2 purchases? A polished black PitBoss 1 and a XM Romeo 1.
PitBoss1 Polished Black_BIP.jpg

Romeo XM_Sapphire.jpg

Here's a snapshot of most of my small Oakley collection.
My Oakley Collections.jpg

missing from photo: Zero 0.4 (with wife)
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Beautiful stuff you got there. Totally understandable taking a hiatus..... just hope you can stick to it. ;)
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Will try my best to starve off the O-ddiction! Unless a Pitboss 1 matte black rootbeer comes along ...;)

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