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Oakley Gascan Lenses


Oakley Beginner
Had my gascans for about a year now. I havnt had anything unusual like this until recently while whiping them down. On the inside of the lense, I noticed this while whiping them. What is this? It's a distinct square every time I give hot air to the lenses to whipe it down. whiping it does nothing???

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There was no need to post 3 different threads on this. We'll need more information to figure out what's going on.

Where were the glasses and lenses purchased from?
What caused all the other damage to the frame and lenses?
What have you been using to clean them?
Where have they been stored?

New to the forum and have no idea how to delete
threads sorry about that
Purchased on eBay from a reputable seller. Emerald lenses, matte black combo.
No damage to the lenses or frame? I had stepped on them once, popping one lenses out but other then that no damage
To clean them I have been using the cleaning cloth that came with them. One time I've used a special glasses cleaner wipe. I've wiped these down after every days use. stored on my dresser.