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Small Flak 2.0 Nose Bombs Serve in Hatchet

Rafael Moura

Oakley Collector
Just to share information that may interest some who, like me, had this question.
I had bought it at the Mercado Livre (Brazil) for a very good price, a Hatchet Pewter, but the nose rubbers were missing.
After a lot of talking with friends here at the Forum, I had some answers that "maybe" Valve's nose bombs, Penny, Half Jacket and a few other models could do.
Yesterday I received the glasses and to my delight the small nose bombs of my Flak 2.0 fit and fit very well. Big ones are not good, only small ones.
So for those who own Hatchet and are in need of new nose bombs, here's the tip. Not to mention that they are very easy to find.

Sorry for my brazilian english translated by Google. 🤣🤣🤣






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