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Stand for coin holders?

There were some metal ones used in stores. I think @qtrain23 has some 3d printed ones for sale though.
I use those plastic displays and they work quite well. There are sellers on eBay that sell batch lots for far cheaper if you're after more than just one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/25-CLEAR-PL...hash=item1c3ece17ee:m:mWeoZuSqaVZZBsdWsEyE7aw
Thanks. I only have the one coin and not likely to get any others (I'm not an X-Metal guy), so will probably get just one. Which size do you use for yours? I thought the larger 2" ones would perhaps be necessary, but also don't want them to look too big for the holder. Should I go with the regular 1 1/2" one?
I have the 1 1/2" ones and as you can see from the pic, they work well with the larger and small coins.
Coin Easel.JPG


  • Coin Easel.JPG
    Coin Easel.JPG
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  • Coin Easel.JPG
    Coin Easel.JPG
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I actually use the black cord holders. They fit the coins perfectly, and take up 0 space. I imagine they wouldnt work on the older thinner coins though.

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