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  1. Legacy

    Legacy Oakley Beginner

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    G'day all!
    First, I'd like to begin by apologizing if any of this has already been covered. I did a few quick searches on information regarding Probations and parts, but to no avail. Here's my problem:

    So my friend has this brilliant idea to bear hug me while running. What possessed him to do so is beyond me. It just so happened that my Probations were hanging on my shirt rather than on my face, and right in the area he wrapped his arms around. After all was said and done, my frames were bent inwards as well as in different directions. Luckily, nothing was broken. Thank God I decided to buy metal framed Oakley's. I was able to straighten them out, but the arms were very loose. I took one of my flathead glasses screwdrivers to the screws; however, they only rotated, neither tightening nor loosing.

    I gave Oakley a call, and was hooked up to a very helpful rep. He said that due to Probations being discontinued, they have no parts, although, even if they did, the entire sunglasses system would need to be replaced as both the lens and frames were damaged. While they are still wearable, the lens does have small vertical splits on the apex of the lens curve, which he said compromised the lens's dexterity.

    My question?

    Well, since they are wearable and I do not wear these in any activities where lens dexterity is mandatory, I plan to keep and fix them, even if they are "totaled" by Oakley's standards.

    Anyways, is there anything spectacular about the screws used in Probations or Oakley's in general? Can screws from other Oakley's be used in the Probations, and if so, are there any 3rd parties that sell them? Hopefully the screws are just split or stripped and not the threading in the arms...

    On the plus side, I received an email attached with a 25% off coupon on any non-special edition pair of Oakley's sent by the rep I spoke with!
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  2. Peter Gilley

    Peter Gilley Oakley Beginner

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    I don't think there is anything spectacular about the screws used... I am rebuilding a pair of probations myself. You should be able to get some screws at an eyeglass store.