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Who can cut me some lenses?

Ray Tuley Jr

Oakley Enthusiast
Elizabeth, IN
Need lenses cut for Why 8.2's they are a 58mm lens but I don't know the curvature or a match to Cut and drill them since they are a wireless frame and seem to be thicker than the lenses in my half jackets, and in my fuel cells, no longer available through oakley, any input welcome, thanks in advance. ET

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X Metal Workshop
I can and have cut + drill them. Unfortunately you're looooong way from where I am...

They're difficult to work with as rimless glasses are more fragile than your average oaks. Also, if you want them to look nice you'll have to grind the lenses with a smooth polished finish.

If you want it professionally done, then I suggest you go to an eye doctor who retails Oakley RX and they may be able to offer the service of official Oaks on plano RX.


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