asian fit

  1. jasontsay

    Eye Jacket style frames with Low Bridge Fit?

    Hi all — I'm in the market for my first pair of Oakleys, and the style of the Eye Jackets caught my eye. However, after trying on the Eye Jacket Reduxes in person, I feel that they don't really fit my low nose bridge. I saw that there's an Asian fit version of the Half Jackets and Flaks, but I...
  2. oakky

    Q: EVZero Path OO9313 vs OO9308

    I know that the EVZero Path OO9313 (Asian Fit/Low Nose Bridge) comes with two nose pads, and I think the extra one is the Regular Fit/High Nose Bridge one. Is the OO9308 the same, but the only difference being the Regular Fit/High Nose Bridge nose pad that is preinstalled, while the Asian...
  3. V1P3R_Z029

    Oakley Sliver Stealth vs. Oakley Sliver Asian Fit: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

    Hi everyone, So I first discovered a pair of Oakley Sliver sunglasses waaay back in Feb 2020 tried on the 'Asian Fit', which I'm still on the fence whether if it's too small or not for my face size (pic below as reference). Anyways, I've sorta finally decided to purchase a pair this year. But...
  4. C

    Commit SQ Asian Fit?

    Was the Commit SQ ever released in Asian fit? I know the Commit is discontinued - just trying to properly identify my wife's frames. Appreciate any info.
  5. U

    Buying  Want to Buy Asian Fit glasses or Razor Blades

    Hello Everyone! First time posting on here, woot woot. I'm looking for asian fit Radar EVs or Radarlocks in any colorway. Radar Ev lens in Jade Iridium Polaraized, Ruby Iridium Polarized, and Fire Iridium Polarized Also very very interested in finding Razor Blades in any color, any style...
  6. N

    Hello I am new

    Hi guys, New around here. I am going to spend some time reading the rules so I can be a informed member of this community and not circumvent the guidelines. Edited by Ecko. Thanks!
  7. S

    EVZero Pitch

    Are evzero pitch asian fit smaller than standard evzero pitch?
  8. U

    For Sale  LNIB Pit Bull Matte Black/Warm Grey Asian Fit

    Never been worn outside. Mint condition. $150 ono posted from Australia to USA. Lenses 9.8/10 Frame 9.8/10 Rubbers 10/10 Box 9/10 Everything included - box, papers, microfibre cloth and sunglasses.
  9. U

    Sold  Jupiter Squared LX (Asian Fit) Dark Red Tortoise w/Slate Iridium-BNIB

    For Sale is a new pair of Jupiter Squared LX (Asian Fit) with a beautiful Dark Red Tortoise Frame, and Unobtanium at the end of the ear steams. The lenses are Slate Iridium, which has a protection index of 2, allowing 23% light transmission. Perfect for those days that are less than the...
  10. THE X-MAN

    Oakley Jawbreaker - Asian Fit Question?

    Looking on ebay at a pair of Jawbreakers - they are Asian Fit though. Are they just a bit smaller than standard,cause these frames are big anyways?
  11. U

    For Sale  Polished Clear Asian Fit Style Switch - Chrome Irid & Grey lenses

    Hi All - i recently picked up these clear style switches just to use the polarized shallow blue lenses for my polished clear SS. I'm looking to sell the Asian Fit frame along with Chrome Iridium lenses from my main pair, as well as the grey lenses from this pair. Also includes the microfiber...
  12. D

    M2 Asian Fit differences

    So i think i have most of my answers from alot of searching but I'm trying to see if i understand all of the M2 Asian Fit differences. The frame is the same frame as non-asian fit. No size or curve differences. Therefore the lenses for M2 asian and non-asian are interchangeable. The only...
  13. D

    New member. Asian-American living in Bangkok

    Hi Everyone, It's nice to meet you all. I have to say its nice to see a fan forum that is so supportive of each other's addiction. My first Oakleys were Mframes bought in the 90's from Costco where they sold them below retail by repackaging them and not including the original box. It didn't...
  14. J

    Jawbreaker Asian fit question

    I have read where a lot of the sport sunglasses that are "Asian" fit just have larger nosepieces and are essentially the same shape. I may be wrong but the grey colored nose pieces with my Radarlocks were supposedly the Asian fit adaptation and they fit me fine. If my information is wrong please...
  15. pingmonster

    Asian Fit vs Normal Fit - Design Differences?

    Hi.. Just wondering if anyone has Asian Fit style sunny. IS it any difference in look and feel? What I have heard so far is the nose piece. (little higher up or thicker) And why is it hard to get.
  16. M

    Buying Asian Fit in Hong Kong. Tips and advice please

    I'm from Australia and I cant find Asian Asian Fit Oakleys here. So, I'm off to Hong Kong for a pair. Where can I find genuine Oakleys for a reasonable price?
  17. M

    Holbrook vs Twoface

    Holbrook vs Twoface These are both very similar. I am after the Asian Fit version. Which is newer and which would you recommend and why? Do any of these house the Prizm Daily or Road lens?
  18. M

    Oakley - Asian Fit

    1. I've heard that the Asian fit Oakley sunglasses are just the standard ones with a larger nose piece. The frame is the same otherwise. Is that correct? 2. Does anyone know where I can get the Asian fit sunglasses in Australia?
  19. U

    Buying  Fast Jacket Asian Fit nose pads (black) - UK

    if anyone has spare asian fit nose pads (unused) for fast jacket in black laying around, please let me know. Full earsock/pad kit is overkill as I am not sure if I will prefer the fit or not. will pay £5 (inc postage) (UK based)
  20. C

    Badman - Asian Fit - Polarized?

    I bought a pair of Badman X Ti/ Chrome Iridium glasses on eBay. The listing said Polarized. When they arrived they were Asia fit (not in listing, but model # was, so my error on that). They fit pretty well anyway, but the lens is not etched with "polarized" like the other Polarized Oakleys I...
  21. saulsaul

    Flak Jacket XLJ vs. XLJ Asian Fit?

    Is the base curvature of the standard Flak XLJ lens the same or different than a Flak XLJ Asian Fit lens? Standard is 8.75 Asian?
  22. OakleyFreak

    Asian Fit Gascans?

    Are the lens in the Asian fit Oakley Gascans different then regular Gascans? The Vault has a bunch, but they are Asian fit?
  23. M

    Oakley Pit Bull Asian Fit vs. Standard Fit. Differences?

    Love the Pit Bull's. Fit me well. Found some asian fit # OO9161-07 vs my normal # OO9127-02 Both appear to be 62-18 lens, nose bridge. Not sure on the arm. Don't flame me, I did some searches on Oakley Forum already - no difinitive answers as to whether the frames are actually different (or...
  24. P

    Oakley's for an Asian person with a Big Face?

    What are some oakley sunglasses that would fit an asian person with a bigger face? I'm looking for a sporty looking pair. Any suggestions?
  25. mpmcgaughey

    How Do Asian Fit Frogskins Fit As Compared To Regular Ones?

    Yesterday afternoon, I checked like always and I saw they added Asian Fit Frogskins (and Holbrooks) and when I saw they brought back Ti Clear I was sooo stoked but I've never once tried on an Asian Fit Frog. Can anyone post an on face pic of how different the Asian Fit Frogz are...