flak 2.0

  1. U

    Found Flak 2.0 Chrome Icons

    As the title says... I'm looking for a pair of chrome icons for my Flak 2.0s.... Hit me up if you have some! Thanks !!
  2. U

    Buying Looking for Flak 2.0

    Hey everyone. Looking for some flak 2.0 frames. Willing to buy just frames or frames with XL lenses, doesn't matter. Thanks!
  3. PWG

    Strap for Flak 2.0

    I have a bunch of lenses and frames and plan on giving one to my wife and son for skiing. Has anyone found a strap that can work with these? Mostly just to avoid them putting them on the top their head and ultimately scratching the lenses, dropping them, or losing them. I haven't seen any...
  4. U

    Buying Flak 2.0 Carbon Fiber

    Looking for Flak 2.0 carbon fiber frame. They're for RX lenses, so with or without stock lenses is fine (depending on price). Would also trade for a Flak 2.0 Steel frame (brand new). Cheers!
  5. U

    Deal Nice OEM pairs

    Okay guys selling off some stuff I don't wear and really don't want to customize!! These are all nice pairs that are in decent shape. None are perfect and all have some lens scratches and frame scratches too. If you have any questions please ask !! If these don't move I'll probably do some...
  6. Jay-Da

    Redline Flak 2.0 Sock Kit

    Does anyone know if the redline color sock kit for the Flak 2.0 is the same color as what's on the Ruby Fade frames? I need to replace my socks on my Ruby Frame frames and was hoping it was the same color.... you'd think it would be....
  7. Rafael Moura

    Flak 2.0 Silver Frame / Ice Iridium

    Meu primeiro Oakley tinha em 2000, Twenty XX Ice Iridium, armação de prata. Desde então, devo ter tido mais de 10 modelos de prata para azul, a combinação mais bonita que encontro nos óculos de sol Oakley. Na semana passada, consegui montar o Flak 2.0 dos meus sonhos.: p Agora estou esperando...
  8. U

    Sold Steel Flaks 2.0 XL

    Flak 2.0 Xl steel with Deep water P lenses and Prizm daily P lenses, and soft vault. Great condition, hardly ever warn 120$
  9. U

    For Sale Selling Majority of Collection 2 (updated prices)

    I am adding more glasses to the marketplace to sell. I want to get rid of these glasses. I am going to include the prices shipped and will only ship CONUS. If you want more pictures, I would be more than happy to send DM you more pictures. Ferrari Carbon Blade - Sold EV Zero - Satin Black...
  10. C

    Flak 2.0 icon???

    Anyone have flak 2.0 icons?
  11. C

    I’m cheese!!

    What up what up, I’m cheese20. Nice to meet y’all!! I have a pair of m frame and a pair of flak2.0. I’m looking for replacement icon for the 2.0’s.
  12. U

    For Sale Selling Majority of Collection

    Looking to sell most of my collection. All prices include price shipped, I will only sell within with United States. *Made original post in X-Metal Collection by mistake, has been closed* I will be adding more sunglasses as I get time to take pictures and post them on here. Jawbreakers, EV...
  13. U

    Deal Wires & O-MATTER / price drop!

    All prices are OBO and conus!! International is on your dime after first 5 bucks!! The first pair is a set of Jordan 00 wires with ice iridium!! The rubbers are a little cut and tacky and lenses have multiple scratches with 2 being big !! I'm looking for 55 with a small soft vault! The second...
  14. U

    Buying Harmony Fade Microfiber Bag

    Anyone have a Harmony Fade Microfiber they want to sell me? I got the Flak 2.0's but they didn't come with the special bag... I want to complete them! Thanks!
  15. S

    Replacement Oakley Prescription Lenses?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, but have been reading things on this site for a while. I'm a big Oakley fan, owning about 40 pair of sunglasses. All regular non-prescription sunglasses. I recently had an eye exam and got an updated prescription and thought, why not use a pair of Oakley...
  16. yanki01

    fixed a sticky ear sock issue

    I've had my Flak 2.0 since they were released. I've purchased a few other color ear socks to combine with the lenses. when i would switch lenses - i would also switch ear socks and put the others back into the sealed bag they come in and store them away. as many know - they tend to get sticky...
  17. S

    Prizm Polarized Ruby Red Flak 2.0

    Hi all, I wanted to get Flak 2.0 Prizm Polarized in ruby red color. Turns out I can’t even get a custom pair in that combination! I will keep checking. Thanks, Sunny
  18. F

    Does anyone have the Flak 2.0 XL, Fire Iridium?

    Just bought this and was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the lens specifically. I read that there’s mixed opinion on it. 1) Is there actually a noticeable reflection inside the lense to where you can see your own eyes? 2) What color is it while looking through them? If you...
  19. U

    Sold Flak 2.0 XL - Polished Black, Prizm Ruby!

    Hey guys, I have a great pair for sale here: Frame - OCP Polished Black, Chrome icons - arms are tight, no major marks or scratches at all but they are used. I’d say 9/10 because they’ve been worn. Lenses - Prizm Ruby, brand new 10/10, beautiful lenses. Will come with microfiber and case in...
  20. U

    For Sale A few of my collection up for sale PRICE DROP

    looking to get rid of some of my collection to a good home! All shipped inside the U.S. Rio 2016 Sliver 10/10 condition also comes with a Rio Pin $105 shipped Two Face Matte cloud with Black iridium Pol 10/10 really hard to find $135 shipped Oakley Vegas hard case SOLD Oakley Tailend with...
  21. Frogskins

    Harmony Fade Flak 2.0 XL

    Once I saw that 2 color fade combo, I was hooked ...
  22. U

    Trading Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ - Black w/ BIP Lenses

    Looking for a Flak 2.0 XL Prizm Maritime lenses or BIP lenses. Also willing to sell the XLJ ~$100. Excellent condition. PayPal all set up if need be.
  23. U

    Buying Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Prizm Maritime Lenses

    Looking to buy a pair of flak 2.0 XL prizm maritime lenses. PayPal is all set to go.
  24. U

    Buying Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Black Iridium Polarized Lenses

    Looking for a pair of Flak 2.0 XL BIP Lenses. I don't care what condition they are in as long as they don't have crazy scratches. PayPal is all set up and I don't want to pay a ridiculous price for them as they pop up on eBay anywhere from $13 to $30 every now and again for authentic lenses...
  25. rml0015

    I Learned Something New Today at the O-Store (w/pics)

    Hi all, I went to my closest 3 Oakley Vaults today in the Tampa area. I was looking for the Sapphire Iridium XL Polarized for my Flak 2.0. It has been my favorite lense by far. So the first 2 didn't have them in stock, which I find odd but anyhow. I go to the third and all they have is the...
  26. Xformr

    Groupon - Flak 2.0 XL (Prizm options) at $70

    *** So, these ended up being fakes. Sorry to everyone who invested time and money into this. If you're reading this, go to about page 10 of this thread where there seems to be some resolution or protection for the buyers who got duped. Good luck all! *** Pretty *fake* deal going on over on...
  27. BakedTater

    Flak 2.0 & Moto GP Antix

    On the bay last night, seen a pair of Flak 2.0 pol black with BIP with box and hard case. Seller shipped today, and on eBay once again today, seen a pair of the Moto GP Antix. Actually quite surprised that I won that auction. Antix isn't really a frame that I wear, but, I might actually get a...
  28. BakedTater

    Flak 2.0

    Got a (second) Flak 2.0 on Saturday. Bright pink with Deep water Prizm polarized. I took out the DWP, because they were trash, quite literally, and put the Prizm field in there. They look pretty sick.
  29. U

    Buying Flak 2.0 XL Prizm Maritime

    Looking to buy a pair of Flak 2.0 Prizm Maritime lenses or the Flak 2.0 sunglasses with Prizm Maritime lenses. If anyone has a pair they can part with, has an extra, or knows someone who has one for sale, I would greatly appreciate it. I have PayPal all set up.
  30. Y

    What Oakley lenses are these? - Identify Lenses Thread

    Hello I have an old Oakley frame ( pewter color) from 1999 or 2000 which I cannot identify and need replacement lenses. I am attaching a picture of the old lenses with reference dimensions. Can you identify the model and suggest a replacement ? from 1999 or 2000 which I cannot identify and need...