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4th Delivery In A Week But My FIRST X-metal


Gotta love a good DOG
Just taken delivery of my first X-metal. Juliet plasma frame with emerald iridium lenses 04-150. Had to send the first pair back 04-115 as there was far to much play in the noise bridge for a new pair.

Very pleased with them. The 25 rubbers are missing but they fit me fine with the 15 in, still gonna give them a ring though to get the others.

This will be my last purchase (well apart from a set of MD's i'm after) until Xmas.
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congrats on the 1st x-metal . . .
you probably don't need the box and coin - i take them ;o)
Congrats on your 1st X metal... Welcome to the dark side... HAHAHA!!

u in deep now!! there's no turning back... :laugh: