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Aloha Gang!

At this point the Ala Moana food court might as well be a five star dining room for me. I haven't had a plate lunch since last December. :(

Wow, almost a year ago! Yup, I'd feel the same way. Btw, the food court just had a fire incident today, Panda Express left some oil in a wok unattended and it sparked a flame. They shut down the entire food court and a lot of stores in the vicinity. Might be a good thing, hopefully all the rodents got smoked out. LOL
welcome. I know a working in one of the Ostores down there. She goes by Goldie. Say hey to her from Chris if you ever run into her!!

@ OBlazer - Found out today where Goldie's at. Unfortunately, she wasn't there. I asked the associate helping me to tell her what you said. :wink: