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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Razerwire, 9/21/11.

  1. Razerwire


    The wintry months are around the corner and I'm already dreaming about fresh pow! Too bad I'm living in the east (read: ice) coast now. I miss Tahoe. :(

    I managed to track down another pair of JP Auclair Tokyo Subway Crowbars for a display piece since the one I have now doesn't have the custom box and microbag. Turned out I paid more for that than the complete one coming in the mail from Oakley's warranty department. LOL

    I should get a helmet this year as well. I've been putting that off for quite a while now.

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  2. snumfalzumpa


    ahhh i can't wait for the new season, tahoe here i come! sucks though i live like 6/7 hours away from tahoe so i don't get to make it up there nearly as often as i'd like.... used to live in seattle and i was only an hour from the mountain back then... man i miss that...

  3. FrogTastic


    Wakeskate count?

  4. Razerwire


    What gear do you have?


    Board: GNU Carbon Credit BTX 159 (old board was a Ride Havoc 159)
    Bindings: Ride LX (thinking about switching to Ride Contraband)
    Boots: Ride Orion
    Jacket/Pants: Burton Ronin
    Gloves: Oakley (don't remember the model name)
    Impact Shorts: R.E.D. (don't remember the model name)
    Goggles: Oakley Crowbar JP Auclair Tokyo Subway Edition with Persimmon lens

  5. del518


    I haven't been on a snowboard since High School. As a matter of fact...earlier this year I sold my late 80s Burton Cruzer 165 on Ebay for nearly $400. The bindings were shot...but the guy still wanted it.

    I usually get out on the slopes (skiing) a few times a year. This year I plan on getting out a bit more. It is actually something both my wife and I like to do. My only pair of ski goggles are Oakley and are probably 9-10 years old. The lense are a little scratched. I don't think you can replace just the lens. At least I looked and it doesn't look like you can.

  6. Razerwire


    I think I'm gonna go back to skiing sooner or later. The older I get the more each snowboarding session hurts. LOL

    What goggles do you have? All the newer ones are capable of lens swapping. I'm actually really stoked about the new Airbrakes which incorporates the quick switch technology that the Split Jacket and Jawbone has. Changing goggle lenses on the fly is going to be awesome.

  7. del518


    I have no idea which goggles I have. My wife got them for me a while back.....they are kind of plain looking. I will post a pic shortly.

  8. del518


    Here are a few cell phones pics of my goggles.

    Any Snowboarders Here? - 2011-09-22201112.jpg

    Any Snowboarders Here? - 2011-09-22201141.jpg

    Any Snowboarders Here? - 2011-09-22201228.jpg

  9. Razerwire


    Looks like the E Frame Stretch Logo with Persimmon lens.

    The Oakley Review - Goggles

    Dunno if they still make replacement lenses for those. If not, it's a perfect time for an upgrade! :D

  10. del518


    Yup...that is them. I doubt they make replacement lenses for them. It would probably be more practical to just buy a new pair. I am actually spending the weekend up in Stowe, VT this weekend. There are plenty of ski shops up there....I will have to shop around.

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