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Is there supposed to be numbers, letters and a faint logo in the middle of my vision on my sunglasses?

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I am 40 now!
Que This is 40 gif !!

No, you're a jerk for responding to me in a condescending manner and and ad hominem attack on me because I dared to address something and you were exposed for espousing something as fact, when I have other Oakley prescription progressive sunglasses that don't have those markings. You didn't like my answer so you took to attacking me. Then suggested I should be banned? Sorry, but classic signs of little **** syndrome. Let's look at your responses, shall we?

By the way, I did go back to Oakley, and I shared the same images that I shared with this forum and for which you have belittled me over. Here is their response:

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Kristy K is Obviously not an Optician if she thinks progressive lenses aren't supposed to have those marks. Now I'm certain you're an a$$hole ;)
To be clear the "ban" emoji was a joke. And digital lenses always have engravings, even the single vision Oakley lenses have them. So it's not a defect. All progressive lenses, from all manufactured have the engravings. Also Oakley customer service is known like all big companies to have plenty of "bad" or "incorrect" help in the department. The thing they did good was try to please you. But since you did not order your lenses from me I don't need to please you. Just be honest. BTW. I'm going to move forward w blocking you so we won't have to interact anymore. 🙂
Not open for further replies.