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Let's talk about counterfeit OAKLEYS!

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We all know there out there! I hate fakes... I got a pair on eBay. Of course got my money back. These fakes were terrible. I mean I still have them but I won't even give them away for free out of guilt. I can spot fakes pretty quick and people have them listed on eBay as "authentic". Sometimes I can't believe it! Buyer beware! I will post pics of these trashy shades later( off to work soon). Let's here about your fakes story

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And i suppose this "thread" you speak off has fake in the title ! .
And next you'll be telling us there's a search function and if someone typed in fake it would bring them to this supposed "thread" !.
Next you'll be telling us that Oakley's are made in China.
I would but I'm just so busy at the moment I feel like someone else can hint at it for me. ;)

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