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Recent Events, Account Security and Protecting Yourself - Official Message


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I had some issues this morning. Tried to log in with the two way funtion two times on my iPhone and failed. Tried the same with my MacBook and it worked. Tried again with my iPhone and it worked. At 03:30am half awake it could have been a operator error. Not sure. I am also not so sure if I have to check the function:
Remember this device for 30 days.
I am 24/7 logged in on three devices.

Did not have to sign in using the two way on my third device.

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I figured it was like that. I just wanted to see what could be done in case it ended up like a few of the other cases recently

@TheStig Mine is similar. I got a message at log in that I needed a verification code from my phone. I dont remember ever setting that up and didn't even have authenticator setup on my phone.

I tried resetting my password a few times just to see but I havent recieved any of the reset emails so I was concerned my contact email was changed.

I'll see if @OakleyBoss can help me out.


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I got asked for a 2factor code when pulling up the site on my phone. I didnt enter it and went to forgot password instead. Reset my password and entered a new 2factor code after setting new password.

My question is, does the site kick you out after awhile and require 2factor to sign back in? Or did someone try to do something to my account? Seemed odd that it only asked for a code when i went to the site.
Same thing here. I did do the 2fa though and then changed password.

Sorry if I was up all night selling other peoples stuff and posting **** pics.


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Just an FYI something messed up has happened to my main account, MicahS. I sent some info to the "contact me" link but I think its best to tag in a few people who may be able to ban that account for now until I figure it out.

@Tomcat14 , @SouLFuLFroG , @OakleyBoss
What model link did i send you about a new release a few weeks ago?
Just want to be sure it's you;)

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