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The Juliet hog's collection

Juliet Maniac

Oakley Enthusiast
Hi All,

Newb to the Oakley forum. :tongue: I've introduced myself on this thread here, along with a quick list of what's in my collection: http://www.oakleyforum.com/intros/2135-hello-western-canada-ehh.html

So... picture time! Some of these pics were taken a year or so ago with my old camera, due to the fact I've moved recently and everything I have are still packed. Also for that reason some of my newer acquisitions have not been added to the group shots yet. But here goes!...

Top two decks: All Juliet, all the time!

Lower deck: Wisdom nation! (Ironically named due to the sheer lack of "wisdom" for having so many googles when I don't even ski)






More pics and some close-ups of these and some newer acquisitions to come soon! Hope ya'll like the pics so far! :biggrin:
Nice collection. In your other thread you mentioned a "ribbed" display? What is that?

I'll have pics of it soon. It's a gorgeous case. I haven't put any Oakleys in it yet though.

nice.. so.. many.. Juliets..

Do you wear them

I wear some of them. I have a Plasma/Ice Polarized Juliet (not pictured) as my daily, a Carbon/Ruby sometimes, and a few only on special occasions. However the especially rare ones like the X-serial numbered X-metals, serial numbered Ducati, and the custom Ichiros I never wear.

I also never wear the Pennys because they won't fit my big fat head! lol
damn that looks awesome dude . . .
respect for the clean setup and the glasses!