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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by -=Jeff=-, 10/11/11.

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  1. -=Jeff=-


    I know some or most bought them to collect them but did you have another reason?

    I bought my X metals after having issues with O Matter Pairs:

    M Frame, the frames kept cracking 1" in from the end, this was the earlier pairs (which I still have 2)

    M Frame RX, the Lens Surround cracked in 3 spots, I did get it replaced for $75 with purchase of a new lens script

    XX Frame, I believe it distorted and the lens would not stay in place (Oakley warrantied this) too bad the Black Iridium coating is wearing off (RX prescription)

    Half jacket, both RX lenses had cracks near the mounting points. They are still functional and are my main RX pair

    I love my Oakleys, every pair, but I decided I needed something that would last so I bought my X metal XX in 2005 had to replace the RX prescription once. My XX metal are my favorite pair, although now with my newly acquired Juliet and VR28 BIP lenses it is a tough call.. I wish Oakley would make more lenses for the XX

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  2. Bostonfin


    I liked the fact that they are sturdy and they look cool as hell.

  3. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Its so I can hold back the optical energy pulses of radiation my eyes give off when uncovered. Its a cyclops thing, you wouldn't understand. Plus they look damn cool!

  4. BriP


    Sickest things out, nothing quite like them. Started with the Juliet, then the Penny, Romeo1, Mars, HalfX...

  5. tavers


    I bought them because they were unique, and back then somewhat exclusive. A true art piece!

  6. good2mod


    because of I believe it will last long

  7. JamBan


    Never own one before but might be getting one soon. Didn't notice how beautiful it is till a couple of days back when i was browsing some Oakley sunnies...Might be getting the 24K X Square (if i got the xtra cash) or just the X Metal Square...see how it goes!! o,O

  8. -=Jeff=-


    And Here we all thought you just wanted to have the BOB face


    It is quite cool to see all the different thoughts everyone had on their purchase reason..

  9. BriP


    and here i thought i was the only one with that problem! haha

  10. Mrfancypants


    Wish they made them in white!!!

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