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    For Sale  New Ferrari Madman & Badman For Sale

    Selling mint never worn Ferrari edition Madman and Badman. I’m located in Oklahoma but will ship. Please feel free to message here or text me 580 273 1505 for additional info and pictures. Thank you, Griffin
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    Buying  Badman Ruby lens

    Whats going on everybody, hope everything is fine! So, I am looking for a pair of ruby lens for my Badman. prizm ruby polarized would be my preference* thank you so much everyone. 🙏🏽
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    Sold  Badman tungsten iridium polarized lenses fauX-metal NEW $89

    In non-matching box, brand new Tungsten Iridium Polarized Lenses $89- all-inclusive, Cross-posted on other platforms. Shipped ConUS, International PM for shipping cost.
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    Sold  Badman for sale

    I have 3 Badman for sale, the chrome polarized and ruby polarized I have only worn once and have stayed in their cases. The tungsten have a tiniest of marks on the lens, frame is in excellent condition. Will only ship CONUS and prices are with shipping below, Tungsten Polarized - Sold Chrome...
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    Sold  Madman Badman combo

    Ferrari Madman and Ferrari Badman combo. Both frames have never been worn, I had to break the seal on the box to take the pictures. The madman box is a little beat up. Both frames are perfect since there’s been no wear. $300 for both or $170 a pair. Selling for a friend.
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    For Sale  Oakley Badman Pewter w/ Tungsten Iridium Polarized OO6020-02

    Glasses are in great condition and were mainly used for a display piece. Frame is like new. Lens has one tiny mark that was hard to get on camera (see image). Other than that the lens are great. Asking $125 shipped CONUS.
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    Sold  Custom Badmans x 2

    Up for sale are two beautiful custom Badmans. Both are in mint, never worn condition. Come with microfibre bag shown. 1) Soulfulfrog custom snow camo with Prism daily polarized lenses. 2) Black frame with polarized sapphire lenses. $OLD each shipped anywhere in NA.
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    Sold  Badman Pewter $115

    NIB Badman Pewter with Tungsten Iridium Polarized. Asking $115 plus shipping. Changed the price after seeing some recent forum prices.
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    Sold  Ferrari Badman

    Did some unpacking found a pair of Ferrari Badmans. Never worn, had to break the seal to take pictures of it. Asking $160. Thanks! EDIT- I have one other pair some info as above.
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    Sold  Multiple Pairs Badman

    Selling 3 pairs of Badman. All are new in the box w/ microbag and tube case. Below prices include PayPal G&S, CONUS shipping, and shipping insurance. No trades or international shipping. Badman Plasma w/ Sapphire Iridium Polarized lense Sold Badman X TI w/ Chrome Iridium Polarized lense Sold...
  11. Hux78

    Badman with Prizm daily lens?

    Any clue on the worth? Dark Carbon with Prizm Daily lens. I will post a pic shortly if it helps.
  12. Sunday2471

    Oakley Warranty replacement

    So I purchased Badmans May 2nd of last year. The paint on the frame started fading underneath the lens on frame under left nose gaurd where it touches face. The material underneath is causing an allergic reaction with my skin. Contacted Luxottica and they said to send them in and oakley would...
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    Sold  Unopened Carbon/Ruby Badman

    Asking $175 shipped within the US.
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    Sold  Post Hurricane Irma SALE

    Got hit by Irma. My home is fine, my belongings are fine, just drained my bank account and looks like the restaurant I work in won't be open for business for a couple of weeks at least. So I decided to let go of a few things I have. All prices include conus shipping. Will ship worldwide and...
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    Trading  Looking for badman's in trade.

    hello all, I'm looking for several badman's, I want to trade them for something I have for sale, if you have any pm with the nfo, need bnib, lnib or used with out any defect "mint" Looking for all sku's I have many for trade, make a search by my user name and look all. thanks in advanced...
  16. Deckdude

    Badman or triggerman

    Hey guys, i need some advice. I like the style of both of these designs. Im on the fence as to what pair to buy. I do plan on one of these being a daily wear. I know badman is metal and trigger is plastic. Trigger floats around $60-$100 while bad $200+. Does anyone have both and prefer to wear...
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    Found  Madman and Badman

    Hi all, We are looking for a few frames each, Madman and Badman. Any frame finish and lenses color. What important before we deal are: 1. LNIB or BNIB - frame and mf bag or full set. 2. LNIB 110$ a piece max or BNIB prices depends on the frame finish let's negotiate. *This is our limit...
  18. Professor Oak

    Goodbye Ferrari Collection, Hello BMW.

    As some of you may already know, Luxottica has ripped the Ferrari contract away from Oakley to give it to Ray Ban.:headbang:So if there were any Ferrari Edition Oakley's you wanted to get your hands on, you might want to get them soon. Personally I was a big fan of the Ferrari Collection as I am...
  19. T

    Juliet vs Badman - advice wanted

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and have a dilemma on my hands. I have a custom pair of Juliets that are ~7 years old. I love them but the nose is completely gone. So loose that they fall off my head if I lean forward. I called Oakley to see if they could repair them and they said they could...
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    For Sale  Badman [Dark Carbon / Ruby Iridium Polarized]

    Hello friendlies! Up for sale is my daily wear X-METAL Badman! Lenses: 7/10 (some markings from normal usage, nothing that affects vision though) Frame: 9/10 (very good condition, wasn't using for sports or anything) Price: 100.00 Includes: -brand new microbag -OAKLEY authentic hard case...
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    Sold  Like new Badman Pewter / TIP

    For sale is a lightly used (no scratches or blemishes) pair of Badman. Price is SOLD delivered US. Frame: Pewter Lens: Tungston Iridium Polarized Includes MF bag from Alpha Decay series, and tube. No box. Thanks for looking!
  22. cacatman

    Ferrari Badman Australian Deal A$212.80 = USD160.70

    NEW Authentic OAKLEY Sunglasses BADMAN Scudaria Ferrari Polarized OO6020-07 – Miguel Sebastian Albert
  23. U

    Trading  some items to trade

    guys, I want to see what interesting. Trades could be had. my current line-up of items I'm willing to part with are: Romeo 1, with absolutely no spider cracks or anything on the lenses. No blemishes on frame, and perfect original rubber. PitBoss 2 matte black with BIP as pictured. Worn once...
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    Sold  MadMan/BadMan X Metal Display!

    Hey guys, I have a MadMan/BadMan X Metal Display for sale. Shipping and PayPal fee's are included to CONUS. SOLD Display comes with MadMan insert and BadMan insert. It is also made out of aluminum, not plastic. Measurements: 10" w x 6" t x 8 " d Condition: 10/10 First come with payment...
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    Sold  Excellent Condition Chrome Badman - $67

    For sale is a pair of Badman with Titanium frame and Chrome Iridium Polarized Lens. The lens have very tiny scratches that do not effect vision and cannot be seen in the pictures. The frame is perfect, with no flaws. I am selling because I have began wearing 2 other models, and still have...
  26. WraithEye

    X-Metal vs. Carbon Fiber (c six)

    I was looking on EBay to find what was out there in the Oakley world. I came across a couple of C Six posts selling for $25,000 to $35,000. I'm a huge X-Metal fan and really don't see the carbon fiber being a stronger frame, especially since the hinges are still aluminum. What are your...
  27. Deckdude

    Comfort advice

    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a pair of xmetal for daily use. I'm currently interested in badman & half x. Does anyone here have any advice on what is more comfortable? I have tried on badman but I haven't tried half x on, I personally like the design of half x better.
  28. karimo

    My Madman and Badman

    I love this frames! 2 ferraris 2 prizm daily 2 ruby ird 1 tungsten and 1 XTI
  29. U

    Buying  Black Iridium Polarized Lenses - Badman

    Picked up a badman frame that needs new lens. Like to keep them the same as original. Unsure where to grab them and not seeing them on the SI site or site. Not looking to pay a arm and a leg May offer one of my kids but thats the sacrifice they will have to make. :) thanks, Beans
  30. rml0015

    Productive day at the O Vault

    I went into the Vault in Ellenton, Florida today while away on work and made a few purchases. First I picked up some Flak 2.0 with the prizm dailys and that awesome steel frame. Then, since the badman are on sale now I picked up a pair of the pewter/tungsten ird(because I'm a sucker for an...