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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Razerwire, 9/18/11.

  1. Razerwire


    As much as I find myself going to O Stores and Vaults around here I've noticed that I'm buying less and less each time I go. With free shipping on orders over $50 on Oakley.com and no sales tax it doesn't seem to make much sense to buy in store other than instant gratification.

    The stuff I do buy tend to be discontinued stuff like the Science Fuel Cell that I bought at the Vault on sale.

    I do feel kind of bad for the employees at those stores though as I tend to just try stuff on and ask questions so sometimes I buy accessories just so I buy something instead of looking like I'm wasting their time.

    My eBay log on hours have skyrocketed the past couple of months though. LOL

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  2. jward106


    I'm at least 3 hours away from any O-Stores so I tend to purchase online. If I need to try something on I'll go to a bike shop to to give them a fit but I'd rather order direct from Oakley. This way I feel more protected if something is wrong.

  3. del518


    I am about 50/50. If I can find a good deal at the brick and mortar stores....I will buy, otherwise it is Flea Bay for me.

  4. Andrew Oakley

    Andrew Oakley

    I have about 50 or so pairs of oakleys and I would say 35-40 of them are from ebay/craigslist and the rest from the O store. I just always go where I can get it the cheapest, but when I buy used they have to be in tip top shape.

  5. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    I try to buy from vaults often, however its hit or miss if they have something worth buying. That is one of the biggest issues I have with them, a trip to them may be just uneventful..... You can buy basic stuff every day but its the artist series, the limited editions, metals, etc, that keep me going. I am constantly on Ebay and Ebay mobile, which have netted me some epic finds, I also constantly check certain online stores for deals, there are a few. I also have deal of the day email/text trackers for certain sites, that when an Oakley related item pops up it alerts me, and I log in for the score.....Friends call me when stuff comes in I might want, or they order it for me. But its the trip and the find the gives that gratification.

    Let me set the scene....... Dear Penthouse letters, OOOOppps wrong site, where was I.......

    I usually like to start out early in the morning, get some breakfast in me, then drive like a madman to the first vault!! Upon entering the parking lot I can already feel my heart pounding in my chest on what kind of deals on a good day I will find once inside. Actually, it pounds because I plan on spending unecessary money just to keep up with Razerwire and his "look what I just got" posts.....

    Anyway, I find a parking spot and head to the vault doors. As I enter, I am usually in a bee line mode to the DE case displays which there is usually 2 of them. I start at the top and scan each and every pair, making sure other customers can't see anything as I hoard the front of the case. As soon as an employee approaches, they usually know me and ask where I have been, as they are already unlocking the doors to the coveted tower displays, allowing me to reach in and fondle my finds..... If anything I always ask permission first which they just smile and say get what you need, we know there is something for you in there!!!!

    I carefully look over each pair and determine what I could not stand to leave behind, then of course I ask if they have received anything that has not made it to the shelves yet. I did this once in a vault and scored 9 Icon Claw Carabineers!!!! Usually by the 3rd pair in my hands, I have them wondering what pair I am wearing because they usually have never seen them before. This is why I get into conversations with them, and I can feel them out whethter they know their companies history or not. I have met some great guys who follow this forum and know the product well.

    If I find something I usually have them stack my scores behind the counter, because now I am digging in bins and boxes looking for extras. I once scored 2 additional X Metal vaults that they didn't know they had, when I asked for them to check in the drawers behind the counter. I usually then ask if they have any unobtainum kits in color for X Metals, which I have picked up numerous.....All in all I have had some good finds......

  6. Razerwire


    Jeez man! It's like you do a full body cavity search on the entire store! LOL

  7. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Cavity search is a lite term for what I do when I am there......

  8. Razerwire


    Molestation? LOL

    I'm eyeing a pair of Hijinx on MCR now for $60.10. :D

    I have all the Coke points in the world and nothing to buy with it. :(

  9. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Can you post the link for it.... I dont collect points but I wanted to read about it....

  10. Razerwire


    You have to have a MCR account to have access, I think.

    Destination Rewards: HTTPS required

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