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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by NMOne, 9/27/11.

  1. NMOne


    I'm pretty sure these guys are legit, but has anyone done business with them?

    It's going to be on the way expensive side to get my Juliets from the Oakley Vault in Park City. They want almost $400 for a pair of non-polarized, so I'll be ordering online.


    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. S-works


    100% trusted... bought a pair of polarized lenses from them, perfect and super fast shipping

  3. NMOne


    Awesome. I called the Oakley Vault in Park City today and spoke to a different rep than the first time and asked him about a pair of X-Metal/Ruby Juliets and the guy said that the only way he could do that is through on-site Custom. He had the frame but not the lenses, which would have to be ordered and it would have been $380 for the sunglasses, which I could find on eBay from a couple of eyewear sellers for $250 + shipping. I think I'm getting the better deal out of getting them from eBay.

  4. S-works


    yep... its cheaper from eBay vendors... from your description, u r looking at Juliet SKU # 24-125, there are a few good reputable sellers on eBay offering these.
    Good luck in your hunt and purchase!!

  5. NMOne


    Any real noticeable differences in quality/build between the original Juliets and the ones I'm looking at?

    I'm also hoping to find a set of original lenses that are more of the purplish red Ruby Iridium, but I think that's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  6. S-works


    no difference in build quality, they're all very well built. There may be some color variations on the lenses but thats about it.

    yeah... finding a first gen ruby is pretty tough... and even if u do, u'll be paying stupid money for it.

  7. NMOne


    I was just given permission to find a vendor that is selling the Juliets in the color combo I want. Spending stupid money on lenses is not allowed.

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