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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Unknowndoom, 8/23/11.

  1. Unknowndoom


    so i feel like going on a semi intellectual rant, and my girlfriend doesnt wanna hear the word Oakley at all. So sorry if you guys dont care about the following statements, but i hope itll amuse you and id like to hear feedback on how yall feel.(sorry for crappy grammar in the next most likely 2 run on sentences)

    Oakley needs to get their heads out of their asses, they need to hire someone who can design something batshit insane, everyone is always saying OTTs or medusas need to be brought back, and they dont that would make them less awesome lets face it, they need something of the same caliber, pay the guy out the ass, offer him ******* shares in the design, i dont give a **** what they have to do to get it done, they just have to do it, and also holbrooks they are gonna be the next frogskins, so get more ******* designs for them, i like SW's and all, but get other people making holebrook designs, and the batwolf, make better limited editions of it, its a great frame with alot of potential but its not being used at all, and make a cedar brick batwolf frame, cause i would end up buying two id like them so much, oh and i get not having 24k lenses availible for purchase on all frames, but make a limited edition with 24k lenses on most frames (24k radars? i think awesome) oh and as far as cases go, make some cool ones(btw did you know that the carbon fiber case fits great in cup holders with springy things in them?). now alot of you guys want them to make display cases for sale, and thatd be great for us, but for Oakley thatd mean some fat **** that owns a pawn shop and sells foakleys could get two cases and trick dumb shits into buying foakleys for 100+, and another thing, 12 ******* bucks for icons, it might cost you 75 cents for the icons, give me a ******* break i get ROI, but 7 bucks is still a huge ROI, **** my shops standard is 15%, 20% if its hard to make, thats 130+% (rough math but its way under i think), and another thing, make more cool small things, like keychains, and posters and ****, i want cool **** besides glasses and bags, oh and one more thing, please send me a pair of fmj holbrooks and a pair of alinghi fuel cells, cause my girlfriend is on my case about me buying glasses.

    thats all for now

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. the piper

    the piper

    Well said...I know I should have listened to my wife about buying habits but I was way more nuts than most......O hear u on all of the above I sent them an email saying why has it said 3-5 days for the 2 months my items were backordered and...surprise they shipped that say...all of a sudden they were not backordered...people aren't even supposed to have display cases Let's rat em out!...If I can help get a manager replaced I can certainly have an effect on other things....The birth of the Oakley Legion Of Doom starts here and now

  3. Unknowndoom


    lmao, the end goal of the OLOD is Doom signature series holbrooks, and a sweet frame named OLOD

  4. Hed568


    A lot of people say Oakley went downhill in terms of designs when lux bought them but with the dawn of the c-six and FMJ I think they are getting their groove back... That's my opinion

  5. xmetalx


    What is an FMJ? I know it stands for Full Metal Jacket but I've seen it applied to all kinds of frames. What gives?



    I find that we as collectors have selective memory. A lot of times we think of the past as being perfect but it was not. There were some crap stuff Oakley put out in their heyday as well. Imagine following up the successful original Frogskin with the New Frogskin in today's collecting world? There would be a riot. When it comes down to it there were a lot of crazy cool stuff back then as there are crazy cool stuff now. It's just that some like to focus on the ever broadening lifestyle releases rather than all the other cool releases like the Pit Boss, Pit Bull, Time Bomb II, Xsquared, Jawbone, Wind Jacket, C Six, FMJ, Hollowpoint, new Ten, Gearbox, all the crazy frame colours including tennis ball fuzz on the eyeshade, and the addition of cool innovative features like changeable icons and 3D HDO. In 10 years time the collectors from today's era will also complain how great it was in 2011 and that they wish Oakley went back to how it was done today.

  7. Peeza21


    Very well said Sir

  8. RetinaBurn


    FMJ is Oakley's newest watch, along with Hollowpoint. I have to add very cool, I have seen both in person, still trying to get over the sticker shock though of the FMJ!

    Well said, TOWSNBN!

  9. jk-27

    jk-27 Premium Member

    I don't get why people want Medusa's, has anyone ever seen anyone walking around wearing it? I think they were made purely to make some publicity buzz at the time and they did that job and now we move on. There's a difference between wanting Oakley to reproduce something because we as collectors want to own one without paying the premiums certain models now have, and Oakley reproducing something that will sell at any worthwhile profitable level.

  10. Unknowndoom


    I didn't say I don't like their current frames, I love some of their current frames, I said they need to make something that's out their agagain

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