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Opinions Wanted: Fake Or Not?


Oakley Beginner
Hi guys,

I am talking to a guy in a danish forum for mountainbiking and he is trying to figure out if he bought fake Jawbones.

Could you take a look at this thread on the danish forum and give me your opinion (just look at the pictures - don't worry about the danish text).

DMK - Dansk Mountainbike Klub - mtb.dk - SOLGT Oakley Jawbone Custom med 4 sæt glas SOLGT - mtb.dk

Please take into consideration that the glasses delivered with his glasses should be

- Yellow vented
- Black Iridium
- VR28 Black Iridium Polarized (does they exist?)
- Fire vented

I have never seen a VR28 Black Iridium Polarized in real life so I don't know if the color on them is right or wrong.
Furthermore the bag is not right and there is a polishing cloth which can not be legit. Box seems strange as well.

He is having trouble mounting a pair of Jaws that I traded with him (nosepiece will not click on).

Any inputs appreciated.
I can't speak to the authenticity.....but that is one hot avatar he has.
I think they're fake. The +Red polarized and the oakley are probably authentic. The replica cloth with typical foakley styling is one reason I think it's fake as well as the other lenses.
Something about the top ridge of the frame on the first pic seems to scream "fake" for me. There's a seam or something running along the top of it that seems off.
VR28 Black Iridium Polarized
Oakley cleaning cloth (not bag). Both geuine.

I won't weigh in to those Jawbones being real or not, I couldn't tell from those pics with what I know.