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Warning: Good Looking FAKE Juliet On Ebay

Juliet Maniac

Oakley Enthusiast
Too bad eBay doesn't have a "report fake" feature on their site...

At first I thought it looked pretty good. Seller put up some clear pictures of it and at first glance it looked alright, albeit a bit too brownish for Carbon. However with closer look you can see telltale signs like the curved tips of the ear stems, the too-thin unobtaniums and less obvious joint on the frame under the lenses where there should be a washer there.

At $200 and with the description ("100% authentic!") the seller is obviously trying to pass these off as real Juliets. I noticed a few convincing fake Pit Bosses on eBay but obviously Juliet is their next target.

rare New Oakley x metal juliet ruby iridium, CHEAPEST ON EBAY 100% authentic | eBay

I'm sure many experienced Oakley fans here can spot it easily, just pointing out in case there are any newbs looking to dump some cash on X-metals...
You have listed some good features which make this a copy here are a few more tell tail signs....

1. In pix #3 the torx head screw sits higher then the frame
2. The earsocks should be tapered at both ends
Actually I was looking for a pair of Juliets on eBay and then I saw these and I had to do it...
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These exact pictures have been posted up on the LA/OC CL boards. I keep flagging the listings for this, but it keeps popping up. Now it's on ebay too. Seller is based in LA.
Actually thats one of the better ones I've seen. Only a matter a time before the replica makers in China make a convincing "looking" one

I've given up reporting these on ebay-seems to me that 9 times out of 10 they don't yank it-I think they make too much money off of sales commissions. I've actually seen a few Plate Replicas on Ebay. I actually bid on one I stumbled on in the last 2 minutes. I won, but before paying I discovered it was fake. I emailed the guy to tell him I wasn't paying and to cancel. He was not a happy guy.

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