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Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses – The Ultimate Guide

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are a signature square design. This guide breaks down the Holbrook frame and lenses so you can buy the right pair!


The Oakley Holbrook was released in 2010, and have become one of the most popular lifestyle Oakleys alongside the Gascans. With over 15 standard colorways and several variations including the XL size, Mix, R, XS and Prescription the market seems to constantly be looking for more.

Holbrook Heaven and Earth Edition

Frame Design

Holbrooks have a distinct squared frame which will look best on people with round, oval or rectangular faces. They are currently available in both O Matter and Metal frames (more on that to come). As Oakley describes the look:

Holbrook is a timeless, classic design fused with modern Oakley technology. Inspired by the screen heroes from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, this design epitomizes the spirit of exploration and adventure. The iconic American frame design is accented by metal rivets and Oakley icons, perfect for those who seek equal parts performance and style.

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Webpage
Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses webpage Source: Oakley.com

Holbrook Metal vs. O Matter? Which is better?

In 2017, Oakley took the already popular Holbrook frame and for the first time introduced a metal frame. In comparison, original Holbrook’s are made of lightweight O Matter plastic similar to most Oakley lifestyle sunglasses.

But which is actually better? The answer will depend on your lifestyle. The largest deciding factor for most people is the weight and feel. The Holbrook Metal feels a bit heavier and sturdier than the O Matter frame. So if you’re the type of person who tends to put your sunglasses through the ringer, you may want to consider Metal.

Holbrook Metal Sunglasses
Holbrook Metal Sunglasses

However, if you prefer a lighter frame, or encounter more sweat/water, you may want to look at the O Matter Holbrook. The plastic frame makes the Standard Holbrook a bit more repellent to liquids and easier to clean.

Holbrook XL vs. XS vs. Mix vs. Rx? What’s the difference?

As the Holbrook has exploded in popularity Oakley has release variety after variety. This section will cover each version, what makes them special. Additionally we’ve included the Holbrook dimensions so you can understand exactly what you’re buying

Holbrook XL

The Holbrook XL is a larger variation of the frame. Perfect if you have a large head or just enjoy bigger sunglasses. While not a huge difference, the XL offers a 59mm Lens Width vs. the standard Holbrook’s 55mm, plus an additional 1mm of height.

Oakley Holbrook vs. Oakley Holbrook XL Size
Comparison of Standard Oakley Holbrook (Middle) with Holbrook XL (Left and Right)

Holbrook XS

If you have a smaller head, the Oakley Holbrook XS has you covered. Similar to the XL, it features the same Holbrook styling but in a smaller package. The Holbrook XS has a smaller 128mm width and 128mm temple length.

Oakley Holbrook vs. Oakley Holbrook XS comparison
Standard Oakley Holbrook (Left) vs. Oakley Holbrook XS (Right)

Holbrook Mix

As you might have guessed from the name, the Holbrook Mix is a combination of the traditional O Matter and newer Metal frames. The front of the frame which surrounds the lenses is made of O Matter plastic, while the arms are made of metal.

Oakley Holbrook Mix Sunglasses
Oakley Holbrook Mix Matte Clear / Black w/ Prizm Black Lens

Holbrook R

The Holbrook R goes away from the traditional square design and offers a Rounded lens shape (hence the “R”). The R seems be a combination of the Holbrook and Frogskins frames, though you may like them if you prefer a rounded lens.

The Holbrook R features a 131mm frame width, 140mm length temples and 54mm wide lenses.

Oakley Holbrook R Sunglasses
Oakley Holbrook R Sunglasses

Holbrook Dimensions and Size Comparison

Now that we’ve covered all of the Holbrook varieties, let’s look at the size of the frames and lenses. The table below breaks down the dimensions:

 HolbrookHolbrook XLHolbrook RHolbrook MixHolbrook XS
Lens Width55mm59mm54mm55mm53mm
Frame Height43mm44mm43mm43mm40mm
Frame Width132mm137mm131mm132mm128mm
Arm / Temple Length128mm138mm140mm128mm128mm

Oakley Holbrook Lenses

Holbrooks can be Polarized with both HDPolarized and Prizm Polarized lenses starting at $176.00. Polarized lenses will reduce glare from surfaces such as road, ice, and water. Prizm technology will also reduce glare but with additional contrast and enhancement of visibility.

Currently Oakley offers the Holbrook with HDPolarized lenses in Grey and Ice Iridium. Additionally, Prizm Polarized lenses in Deep Water, Sapphire, Black, Tungsten and Ruby are available.

Oakley Holbrook Prizm Ruby Polarized vs. Standard Lens
Comparison of natural environment (Left) vs. Oakley Prizm Ruby Polarized (Right) 

Are Prescription lenses available?

Yes, Holbrook prescription lenses are available through Oakley.com and several other retailers. Prescription models start at $402.00, which includes $123.00 for the frame and $279.00 for the lenses.

Several Polarized and Prizm Polarized lenses are also available starting at $452.00. View the complete listing below:

Lens TypeColorPrice
StandardBlack Iridium$452.00
StandardRuby Iridium$452.00
StandardPositive Red Iridium$452.00
StandardTorch Iridium$452.00
Standard24K Iridium$452.00
StandardEmerald Iridium$452.00
StandardFire Iridium$452.00
StandardViolet Iridium$452.00
StandardJade Iridium$452.00
StandardSapphire Iridium$452.00
StandardIce Iridium$452.00
StandardTungsten Iridium$452.00
HDPolarized24K Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedBronze Polarized$452.00
HDPolarizedShallow Blue Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedViolet Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedGrey Polarized$452.00
HDPolarizedRuby Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedTungsten Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedJade Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedDeep Blue Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedEmerald Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedSapphire Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedFire Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedTorch Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedIce Iridium Polarized$502.00
HDPolarizedBlack Iridium Polarized$502.00
PrizmDark Golf$502.00

Are replacement lenses available?

Yes, Replacement Holbrook lenses are available through Oakley.com in 18 colors starting at $70.00. Polarized and Prizm lenses are also available starting at $100.00. Several aftermarket manufacturers produce Holbrook lenses starting at $24.00.

We’ve compiled a complete listing of Oakley Holbrook replacement lenses available from Oakley below:

Lens TypeColorLight TransmissionPrice
StandardViolet Iridium14%$70.00
Standard24k Iridium23%$70.00
StandardBlack Iridium11%$70.00
HDPolarizedBlack Iridium Polarized10%$100.00
HDPolarizedSapphire Iridium Polarized20%$100.00
Prizm PolarizedPrizm Daily Polarized14%$110.00
Prizm PolarizedPrizm Black Polarized11%$110.00
Prizm PolarizedPrizm Grey Polarized17%$110.00
Prizm PolarizedPrizm Sapphire Polarized12%$110.00
Prizm PolarizedPrizm Jade Polarized13%$110.00
Prizm PolarizedPrizm Tungsten Polarized14%$110.00
Prizm PolarizedPrizm Ruby Polarized17%$110.00
PrizmPrizm Black11%$80.00
PrizmPrizm Grey17%$70.00
PrizmPrizm Sapphire12%$80.00
PrizmPrizm Jade14%$80.00
PrizmPrizm Tungsten14%$80.00
PrizmPrizm Ruby17%$80.00

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you know, the thing!
One of my top 3 frames. Depends on how ocd I am. Between these, jawbone's, and fuelcells. Have two Rx pair.
It's one of those frames that survives fads. Crappy fads like the Clifton (or whatever) sutro, dispatch, etc


Oakley Expert
757 VA
Holbrooks are one of my favorite every day go to frames. They are light, fit well and in my opinion have great coverage. Not only that there are a bunch of frame options and a bunch of lens options so you can pretty much make it your own creation. Hell I got all three sized...XL, Reg, XS...I could do another comparison shot...

Tried frog skins...not for me. Kinda small and don’t wrap around enough for good coverage.


If you are not falling, you are not learning.
Premium Member
Lifetime Member
Dublin, Ca
My wife loves me in Holbrooks, pesters me to wear them all the time. Least of my favorite. ...least of the least.
X Metals..too bad ass not to be THE favorite.


If you are not falling, you are not learning.
Premium Member
Lifetime Member
Dublin, Ca
Both are plastic junk

That's why I only use them for motorcycle riding...
They do slide inside the helmet non constrictive, and no presurre on the head/ears, and that, is when I do wear them.


Oakley Enthusiast
Holbrooks are my favorite modern non metal frame. I tried for many years to like Ray-Ban Wayfarers and they just feel too dated. The Holbrooks feel like a much more modern interpretation and I just don’t like how wrap around sunglasses look on me aside from M Frames. My favorite sunglasses of all time are Randolph Aviators and are my go to despite the price, but I like the Holbrooks for variety and I actually wear them the most out of all my sunglasses. The Randolphs have even better clarity due likely to the fact that they’re glass and on top of that I don’t like glass polarized lenses since it has to be a film layer to polarize. The Holbrooks are my only polarized pair and I feel like for whatever reason the polarization is more seamless since in most cases it’s built into the lens.


Oakley Beginner
The only pair of Oakley sunglasses I own are Holbrooks.

Once I started wearing them I realized I should probably get something wider and that wraps to my face. But I bought them because I loved the color scheme and I won't be parting with them anytime soon.

They've been a great intro into Oakley for me, and have helped me see the difference in quality between Oakley and stuff you buy at Walmart, a gas station, or some of these online sunglass companies.


Love em R1s
Premium Member
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Strip town
I like them a good daily wear pair that you can throw around and not be concerned if you scratch them.