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Crazy Idea To Protect Lenses

Feelin' Froggy

Oakley Beginner
Please keep in mind I have no idea how iridium coating and/or light refraction work..

Has anyone ever thought about taking an electronics screen protector like "The Invisible Shield" and applying it to their lenses? All you'd have to do is pop them out of the frame, apply it, and then cut it down to fit. If you could apply it perfectly (which isn't really that hard) and it doesn't hurt the properties of the lens, it should protect them from ever scratching..

Have you ever used one of these on your phone/ipod? They are kind of rubbery and distorted looking and would totally affect vision and clarity looking through the lens.
Sounds like a reasonable idea, however some of the screen protectors will not bend to the curve of the lens. They are designed to lay flat and adhere to the screen without any glues or adhesives. There is one company that makes a screen protector and phone body protector that would work however its not really clear enough for you to use on lenses
dont most of those still get scratched? what are you going to do take it off and apply a new one? might be just as expensive as new lenses after a few applications.
I've got an invisible shield on my iphone 4 and you can barely tell it's there. I just wonder about it affecting how the light passes through, as well as if you had to peel it off, would that damage the lens.
Unless it can be assured the shield is optically correct you would be defeating the purpose of the Oakley lens. I would think something like this might work, but the lens would have to be flat and then you could use some sort of modified goggle tear-off. Really, why would you do that though, just be careful when wearing your glasses.
even if u can get a shield that can give perfect vision and adhere to the lenses properly, it'll still add thickness and may peel when installing.
This was the case of the 3D Gascan lenses when removed and re-installed.
The idea is good, but the execution would be the question. Oakley does make lens tear offs for their goggles so i can imagine it could be done for sunglasses, but it's more for off roading where mud, dirt, and water come into play. Not really for protection.

Oakley Goggles Lens Tearoffs For Men | Oakley Official Store

You could take care of your sunglasses, but accidents do happen. Just two weeks ago i had my Flak Jackets hit the concrete because my friend threw a football at me.

To the OP, if you really want to try something like this, maybe try buying the Oakley tear offs and cut them to size. I imagine it would be the equivalent of getting lenses custom cut out of shield frames. It's only $13 for a pack of 14. If you screw up, try again.

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