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Hey Guys! Its Been A While! Update On My Collection.


Oakley Beginner
It has been a while since I have been on here so I thought I would catch up and get back on regularly. Like my profile says I collect a couple different brands and I have been adding to those collections and haven't purchased any new Oakleys lately....until this week. Finally decided to get the Chip Foose signature series Jupiters. Held off for a long time bc I wasn't sure about the bronze lense. But now that I have them, I love them! They are my favorite non iridium lens! (Not really big on polarized) They are awesome to look through, they cut down on A LOT of glare to not be polarized, and they really make colors pop. Usually I dont like lens that my eyes can bee saw through but I LOVE these. I also finally found an un-used pair of Canteens for ordinary every day use. Definately can't wait to take them out jogging and hiking! That is the only glasses I have purchased but I did get some new Batwolf icons (chrome & white headline text) and plan to purchase ice iridium replacement lens for them now that they are finally available!

side note: I am not the Eyespy from youtube! I didn't realize that there was a youtube user that used the name Eyespy until I was doing to Oakley searches the other night, I apologize if anyone thought I was and I will be changing my user name as soon as I decide on a new one!