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Hey! new here, got this glasses but can't seem to determine what are they,help?


Oakley Beginner

First time posting, have been lurking for a short while tho... really nice forum.
I got this glasses a few days ago and I couldn't determine what are they.
Couldn't find a pic of them online and there's no model name on them.
I'm really hoping one of yous have seen this frame before and could put a name on it.

'd really appreciate it.

Thanks you

if there's need for any other angles just ask...

I ended replacing them with a pair of fives 3.0(ducati etching on the lens somewhat silly tho)in the end,didn't suit me just right.
Do any of you know if the arms are supposed to pop into place like in the canteens? forgot to ask at the store...
Also they dont hav'e that white printed number I saw on alot of other oakley sunglasses,is it ok?

Thanks in advance again

Pretty sure I got the 3.0, the icon is the round one.
They had on display both the squared and the older 3.0.
Picked the 3.0, round "o" seems nicer... and yes new from a store.

The squared did have the white number and my 3.0s don't, d'you think I should be concerned with it? is the number important in any way?
If you bought it from the store, i wouldn't worry about it. My Fives 3.0 doesn't have any sku numbers on it either. I think the older models didn't have them.

What store did you pick up the Ducati 3.0's at? And how much were they? I'd like to get a pair.
Yep just messing with my 3.0 last night and it does not pop into place nor does it have the SKU# Neiter do my Fat Cats