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USA or China? Where are Oakleys Made?

Find out where Oakleys are made, and whether the sunglasses are still Made in the USA!

Are Oakleys Made in the USA?

If you’ve ever bought a pair of Oakley Sunglasses you may have wondered where exactly they are made. It’s also created quite a controversy in the history of the company, as the location has changed for some pairs.

Starting from the beginning of Oakley, the sunglasses were designed and made in the United States of America (USA). Some pairs were even manufactured at their Foothill Ranch headquarters.

Oakley Foothill Ranch Headquarters
Oakley’s Foothill Ranch Headquarters

However after Luxottica’s acquisition of Oakley in 2007, this began to change. Luxottica is one of the largest eyewear manufacturers and retailers in the world. So it’s no surprise that they already have large factories in Italy (their headquarters) and China.

All Oakleys are still designed and engineered in the USA at their Foothill Ranch Headquarters. Additionally up to 70% of Oakley parts are still manufactured in the USA as well, however some parts are produced in the Luxottica factories oversees.

Let’s also be clear that whether they were made in China or the US, doesn’t tell you if they’re real. For information on that, we’d recommend checking out our guide to spotting fake Oakleys.

Oakley's Made in the USA Infographic
Infographic of Oakley Design vs. Manufacturing

How can you tell which Oakleys are made in the USA?

One of the questions you may have now is if there’s any way to tell which Oakleys or even parts are made in the USA. The answer is it’s complicated.

If a pair is made completely in the USA, you will typically find the “USA Made” or “Made on the USA” stamp on the frame. This doesn’t mean that if your frame doesn’t have this, it was made outside the USA or fake. In recent years, these markings have been phased out a bit, so it’s not always the best indicator.

Obviously if your sunglasses are stamped with “Made in China”, this is a giveaway that they were indeed made outside the USA. A general rule of thumb is if your Oakleys are from prior to 2013 (approximately), they were made in the USA. This is about the time period where more production began shipping oversees.

Made in the USA marking on Oakley Gascan Earstem
Made in the USA stamp on Gascan Earstem

There are also Oakleys with the marking: “Assembled in USA”, which denotes that parts may have been created in other countries, but the pair has been assembled in the US.

Almost all military or Oakley Standard Issue pairs such as the Ballistic M Frame, are made in the USA.

Has the Quality Changed?

With all this talk of Oakleys made in the USA vs. China or Italy, the question may be are they the same quality? Short answer – Yes. Despite certain parts being manufactured oversee’s, Oakley has maintained the same high level of standards and patented technologies and materials throughout manufacturing.

Let us know what your sunglasses are stamped with, or your thoughts on where they are made in the comments below!

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I was always a faithful consumer of Oakley sunglasses , I was willing to pay more for the Oakley name because they were of superior quality to other brands . I was recently shopping for new sunglasses at the Oakley store. i noticed there was no made in usa stamp on the frame. i asked why it was no longer marked on the glasses.

I was told they didnt want to put that label on their product any more . I decided if this was true . its no the truth. the truth is the product is made in china I can tell the difference when I take an original made in usa pair and the new pair they are not the same. the material china uses is not the same quality and this saving Oakley a ton of money!! so i urge you to stop buying Oakley at this price. its no longer worth this inflated price. they are now basically selling imitation quality product for original quality price.

If you have made in USA Oakley frames you will know iam right compare for your self and be sure to comment on Oakley's site.


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Walnut Creek, CA
Just because they are manufactured in a different country doesn't necessarily mean the quality changes to poor. Oakley has a reputation to uphold and would not be willing to make a poor product. They have quality control at the head office and have a certain set of specifications that must be met to be sold to the public.


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You didn't know? The reason the Great Wall of China can be seen from space is because of the reflection from the Oakley lenses being made on top of the wall.