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Oakley Gascan Sunglasses – Awesome or Overhyped?

Oakley Gascans are one of the most popular Oakleys on the market! But are they right for you?

Oakley Gascan History

The Oakley Gascan was released to the market in 2005, and have since become an Oakley staple. The classic styling and 100+ colorways over it’s lifespan have made the Gascan one of the most popular Sunglasses on the market today. Starting around $100, they are one of Oakley’s most affordable sunglasses on the market.

Juan Pablo Montoya Oakley Gascan Sunglasses
Juan Pablo Montoya Oakley Gascan Source: OakleyForum.com

The squared edges and straight lines of the Gascan contrast other popular frames on the market such as RayBan Wayfarers. They feature lightweight O Matter frames with Twin Toric HDO lenses for enhanced optics. It should come as no surprise to loyalists that Oakley looks to go against the grain self-describing the sunglasses:

” We traded soft curves for straight edges and hard lines to sculpt our very first high-wrap lifestyle shades. The toric lens design became known as Gascan™.”

Oakley.com Gascan Webpage Source: OakleyForum.com

Is the Oakley Gascan Polarized?

Yes, they can be Polarized, but not all are! HD Polarized lenses are available in the Matte Black / Black Iridium model with a retail price of $156.00. You’ll also find Gascan Prizm Polarized lens options as Oakley shifts away from traditional polarization.

Prizm Polarized models retail for $166.00 and are available with Prizm Tungsten, Sapphire and Black Polarized lenses. These lenses focus on enhancing visibility and contrast in everyday settings, versus the sport specific variations.

Oakley Prizm Polarized Sapphire Iridium Lenses Comparison
Comparison of natural environment (Left) vs. Oakley Prizm Polarized Sapphire Iridium Lenses (Right)

Are Oakley Gascan Prescription lenses available?

Yes, Gascan prescription lenses are available through Oakley.com and several other retailers. Prescription Gascan’s start at $382 including the Frame and lenses for a Black/Grey model. This lowers the frame cost to $103.00 with the remainder going towards your lenses.

Several Polarized and Prizm Polarized lenses are available starting at $482.00. View the complete listing of prescription lenses below:

Lens TypeColorPrice
StandardJade Iridium$432.00
StandardSapphire Iridium$432.00
StandardTungsten Iridium$432.00
StandardBlack Iridium$432.00
StandardRuby Iridum$432.00
HDPolarizedRuby Iridium Polarized$482.00
HDPolarizedJade Iridium Polarized$482.00
HDPolarizedSapphire Iridium Polarized$482.00
HDPolarizedShallow Blue Iridium Polarized$482.00
HDPolarizedGrey Polarized$432.00
HDPolarizedTungsten Iridium Polarized$482.00
HDPolarizedDeep Blue Iridium Polarized$482.00
HDPolarizedBronze Polarized$432.00
HDPolarizedBlack Iridium Polarized$482.00
PrizmPrizm Road$482.00
PrizmPrizm Field$482.00
PrizmPrizm Golf$482.00

Are replacement lenses available for Gascans?

Yes, Gascan replacement lenses are available starting at $60 from Oakley.com. However, there are only 5 lenses available from Oakley. Therefore, we’d recommend checking out aftermarket replacement lenses if you’re looking to save (some as low as $10) or just for additional colors.

Lens TypeColorLight TransmissionPrice
StandardBlack Iridium11%$70.00
StandardIce Iridium11%$70.00
PolarizedBlack Iridium Polarized10%$100.00
PolarizedGrey Polarized16%$100.00

Can Gascans be Customized?

Yes, Oakley Gascans are a part of the Oakley Custom program which allows you to personalize every detail of your sunglasses. Currently Oakley offers 9 frame options, 8 lens options and 9 icon colors meaning there are 648 combinations for you to pick from! However, this doesn’t even include text etching, NFL or MLB team logo that you can add to your lenses.

Custom Oakley Gascan Sunglasses from Oakley Custom Program
Oakley Custom Program which allows you to pick from 678 Gascan Combinations Source: Oakley.com

Where can you buy Oakley Gascans?

If you’re looking to just pay retail, the obvious choice is Oakley.com or SunglassHut. However, for pairs as popular as the Gascan it’s not hard to find signficant discounts online through online exchanges.

The Oakley Forum Sunglasses Exchange currently has over 17,000 For Sale/Want to Buy/Want to Trade postings. Not a member yet? Join Today!

eBay.com or Craigslist are the other most popular options to find a deal on new or used Gascans. Regardless of the site, you should always be careful of fake sunglasses and carefully inspect the pictures first!

Oakley Gascan Ghost Text with Black Iridium Lens

Final Thoughts

Gascans are one of the most simple, easy going and affordable pairs of Oakleys on the market today. It’s no wonder many O fans have started their collections with an everyday pair of Gascans before moving on to the cult classics such as Juliets.

So will you be rocking a pair of Gascans? Already own a pair? Comment below and let us know!

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Oakley Beginner
I love the Gascans style. I had the SI American flag icons and sold them. My head was too small for the style and they would move around too much. The Holbrooks for modern Oakleys was a much better style for me.


Oakley Expert
Premium Member
I like gascans. they are one of my favorite o Matter frames. Problem is they slide off my hat if I set them up there so I don’t wear them much anymore because of that.


......Jedi Mind trickery...........
Premium Member
Kent, England
I'm a fan of the utilitarian style of them and not to mention the Tron versions. They still sell, for a reason............but I'VE yet to wear them!