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Oakley Beginner
Someone wants me to be broke. Check this out. I collect many things including oakleys, and one of those other hobby's are sports cards (Yes, baseball cards, football to be exact). So a new card shop opens up in Anaheim, CA by my office. I am in there yesterday and what rolls through the door, an Oakley display. The owner tells me that he is now an Oakley authorized dealer! Very cool owner. Tells me that he just got the Oakley startup order but he will order anything I want. It's like my personal O-Store! Anyways the place is called OC sports cards for anyone in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. If you do go in tell him Aaron sent you (maybe he will hook me up!) What do you think I should tell him to order in?

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Damn, talking about luxury! In first place i would buy a couple of stuff from him. So then he will like you and then take you advantage! Display material, discount.... damn.... the longer i'm thinking about it, the more jealous i get


Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
Hey, you're right by me. I work in Irvine. Is he going to hook it up with the vendor discount? I need a pair of USC Fuel Cells and a pair of Angels Flak Jackets :smile:


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I would call or go in to the shop. He literally will log onto the computer and ask what you want to order. Really cool guy. I have not got Oakleys from him just yet, but he saves me a ton of money on cards.


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if i would work in irvine i would stop every day in the spectrum store or HQ :eek:)


Gotta love a good DOG
If i worked in Irivne or Anaheim i'd never "WORK". I'd be too busy planning my next glass & how i'm gonna get the money together. Can't beat having a "sweet shop" next to the office.

Tell him to get plenty of the plastic display stands & you can cut a deal to supply us with them.


Inside Outlaw.
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tell him to bring in anything and everything you want from the site dude! haha! personal O store indeed!

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